Cold Chicago Pizza and Hot Ocala Dunkin Donuts Coffee

I got up early this morning to wish my sister a Happy 60th Birthday on facebook.  The internet in the hotel is iffy at best even with the $30 monthly upgrade.  So as I’m sipping on my great coffee (good thing I brought my DD coffee from home because they closed the Dunkin Donuts here) and munching on my leftover Chicago pizza, the most awful screeching sound you have ever heard penetrates the air!  OH MY GOSH that water that is simmering on the stove to offer a little relief from the 10% humidity has gone dry and the fire alarm is going off at 5:00 a.m.  My hotel neighbors are going to hate me!  I run to the stove but the water isn’t dry.  It isn’t just MY alarm going off!  I throw on some boots and a scarf that go so well with my Joe Boxer pink plaid pajamas, grab a coat and room key and head out the door…..other hotel patrons join me in the hall.  The girl with fire engine red hair (how appropos) and t shirt tell me that it’s a false alarm.  Oh good!  Now to go back in and endure another ten minutes of eardrum shattering shrill.  Another day is underway.  Happy Birthday Karen.  I will always remember the start of your special day!

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