Tom, Chip and Dale

One of the best aspects of doing out of town work is getting to know folks from other places. It’s kind of like going away to college. No, it’s a LOT like going away to college. But more on that later. We have met three other engineers who are also here working on this project. Tom is from Austin Texas, Chip is from Tuscon Arizona and Dale is from Cocoa Beach Florida. We are all thrust into this frozen tundra that we are unaccustomed to living in much less driving in. We commiserate together over who will drive the 20 minutes to work on the snow covered roads and what types of equipment are needed for snow and ice removal. We find it interesting that this company has brought in several guys from warm climates to enjoy their January.

Dale is a fun guy who reminds me greatly of Ray Romano. His dry wit and outspoken personality warm up a chilly restaurant dining room. He misses his wife who is not only NOT with him but is currently residing in another country!
Monday is Brian’s birthday so I will be inviting Tom, Chip and Dale as our little makeshift family to enjoy a birthday celebration with us. So nothing like spending your evening with four engineers in a 20 degree birthday bash.

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