Don’t touch that button!

We are finding out that there are many challenges to living in a cold climate. We knew that there would be the obvious ice and snow issues. We bought the top notch thermal undies and the “not Florida” gloves and boots. We got the heavy duty below zero windshield washer stuff and the ultra antifreeze. We got new tires, the best windshield wipers and even looked at some stuff that keeps your gas from freezing. What we DIDN”T count on though was our power window mechanism freezing and falling apart! Yep but it gets worse. We were leaving church on a very frosty Sunday morning when the traffic volunteer motioned us to put the window down to see which way we needed to go. We all heard a loud “THUNK” and all said “uh oh, what was that?” When the window wouldn’t go back up, we knew! The mechanical arm inside the door that raises and lowers the window had frozen and broken when Brian lowered the window. We were headed to a neighboring town to have dinner with some relatives of Brian’s. So here we are traveling down the interstate in 20 degree weather with the window stuck down!!!
We have a new family rule……”Don’t touch the window buttons!”

2 thoughts on “Don’t touch that button!

  1. Was it the motor or a part? The motor burned out on my window a few years back but it was pretty inexpensive to fix. Gary did the labor himself though…Stay warm and come back down to the sunny South soon!

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