So Let’s Talk About Packing

Just the word “packing” makes my blood pressure go up.  I always seem to forget the obvious thing that I need for any trip.  Like the trek into Chicago yesterday where I forgot the $7 city map I bought that folds easily and can be written on and wiped off. But I digress….. think of your packing in categories and buy some large sized rubbermaid totes. Make 2 labels for each one. Tape one label on the top and one on the side for easy reading. Label one clothes, one kitchen, miscellaneous, bathroom and office. As you start to think of things that you don’t want to forget, you can toss them in the totes that are stacked somewhere out of the way. This will alleviate some of the midnight insomnia. Once you reach your destination and unpack, these totes can be placed in the trunk or rear of your vehicle for storage since they are lightweight and heat nor cold will ruin them.

As you are deciding what to take, look around your kitchen and think of what items you use every 2 or 3 days.  Those are the items you definitely want to take with you.  Items that are more costly like a blender are more important to remember than scotch tape or potholders. Then do the same with your bathroom, bedroom and office and desk area.

Remember everyday items other than clothes. With the exception of items that cost under $10 (such as corkscrews and nail clippers) you don’t want to be stuck for five months without your doctor’s prescription for your nervous stomach. Your insurance may not allow you to go to a doctor at your destination (without penalty) and it could be problematic to get another prescription. Make sure you bring enough pills along to last the five months. Bring your favorite book, journal, and a couple of DVDs. Don’t forget your laptop, especially if you are a writer or are the chatty e-mail type. If you won’t miss it, don’t bring it, of course. Items such as a favorite pillow or stuffed animal are not to be dismissed. When far from home, a familiar scent on a pillow and the way it folds between your arms can ease anxiety during travel.

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