Movin’ on up!

The hotel staff advised us to take a room on the first floor. Since we are nonsmokers and the smoking rooms are on the third floor, it seemed like the best idea. We knew from past experience however, that noise that sounds like bowling balls being dropped on our ceiling at midnight was going to be annoying but…..maybe the sound proofing is exceptional here. WRONG!!! The week days were usually good but every Friday, the family that would check in with three kids and a dog or two were given the room above us. After several games of tag, the shuttle run and “hey Joey let’s jump off the kitchen bar”, our nerves were shattered and the smoking floor beckoned.
So here we are now….moved on up to the 3rd floor where the air isn’t great but the quiet is worth it.

Additional benefits thrown in are a newer television, a quieter dishwasher, a better view when it snows, and all that exercise walking up three flights of steps!  Now the Booty Call Lounge sign pours light into our room but ahhh those room darkening shades do their job nicely!

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