You know what they say….it’s the little things.

Nancy was just thankful that her family was safe after the horrific scenes that enveloped the city of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Several homes in her suburban neighborhood were decimated and her house was one of them. A neighbor whose house was still intact, gave them the use of their motor home to live in during the reconstruction of their home. So Nancy and her husband and two sons gathered as many of their belongings from the wreckage that they could find. They put the bigger items in a local storage unit and the small things went with them into their new makeshift and very cramped home. The idea of staying in a 22 ft motor home is wonderfully exciting and adventurous as you think of it taking you across the great plains or south to Key West on a vacation. Living in one for 10 months with a six foot two husband, two boys and a spoiled fur baby named Spunky however,  was quite a challenge.
Nancy tells the story though of the one thing from her house that she missed the most was a ceramic serving bowl that was divided in the middle. She had picked it up at a yard sale and it became her best friend in the kitchen. Her boys were picky eaters and they also ate a lot of snacks that were just perfect for that two compartment bowl. At first her husband made fun of her for having lost so much and yet lamented more about that bowl than any other one thing. She said that sometimes it’s just a little thing that becomes a big thing. So one Saturday the family set out to hit the thrift stores and flea markets to see if they could find another one to replace it. Finally, on their fourth and final possibility they found just the bowl to make Nancy happy. It wasn’t pretty with the faded olive green porcelain and the small chip on one corner. But Nancy was quite satisfied. The bowl that wasn’t perfect, fit right into their temporary home.
Nancy is thrilled to report that their house is finished and the motor home has returned to the kind neighbor but the double green bowl with the chip is still a welcome friend in her kitchen.

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