My Elite Taxi

Taking a taxi is my second mode of transportation these days. The company I use is “Elite”.  I think they call it that because their vehicles don’t have any dents or sections of rust and are clean on the inside and out. Well, as clean as a vehicle can be with snow, salt and ash on the roads much of the time.
I always get the driver, Randy.  He’s very prompt and professional. I’ve gotten to know about his 15 year old daughter, when she got her latest glasses and how he drops by his house for a sandwich in between calls.
I could count on one hand the times before Illinois that I have been in a taxi. There was London where they drive on the “wrong” side of the road and you can’t watch because your brain puts a strain on your adrenal glands, then there was the driver in Paris who zoomed us around those traffic circles like a madman and wore a suit but hadn’t bathed, and now…… Randy. So my vote goes to this Rockford guy, service with a smile, safe driving AND he showers too. Yes there is something to be said for the small town taxi, Elite that is.

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