A Tale of Two Cities

Music Man is my favorite musical. Ever since my daughter Hannah, played Ethel Toffelmeyer in the School of Music’s performance, I have been partial to that show. So when Brian told me that we were going to visit Dubuque, Iowa on Sunday, I was thrilled. The day was perfect! The sun was high, the wind was low and the traffic was easy.
We started the day with a visit to Galena, Illinois. It is billed as one of the prettiest cities in America. After seeing it, I concur with that title. We saw Ulysses S. Grant’s home there, perched in the perfect spot to enjoy the view of the quaint town. We roamed the busy streets filled with happy people, enjoying such a gorgeous day in mid February.
Then we drove the 10 or so miles to the picturesque crossing of the Mississippi River. Going over the bridge, puts you in the state of Iowa, in the city of Dubuque. My “Music Man” moment had arrived. The “Iowa Stubborn” song came flooding back. I didn’t actually meet any Iowans in our short visit there walking along the river walk, but I bet many of them like that song.

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