“Somewhere over the Tebow”

Judy Garland would have adored Tim Tebow as many of us do. But now that football season is over, the focus is waning on Tim and moving on to other sports arenas. We love our sports heros and fortunately another good guy is taking center stage in sporting news. Jeremy Lin is our new Tim Tebow. He was an unlikely basketball star, having come from playing at Harvard. No NBA player has come from the great academic halls of that university. He is Asian American which puts him at the bottom of the usual candidates for basketball stardom. The odds were stacked against him, just like Tim Tebow. Another underdog makes a splash on a national scene.

So in case you haven’t heard of him. Number 17, Jeremy Lin plays for the New York Nicks and took them recently to an incredible 4-0 week! He was a virtual unknown who stepped in when Nicks player Baron Davis was injured. Lin had his moment to shine and he did!  Here is a quote from Lin. “If my basketball dreams came true I would playing in the NBA, preferably for one of my favorite teams. If I could choose where I would say the Golden State Warriors because that is where I’m from. But I would love to play in the NBA and that would be my ultimate dream and from that I would want to do a lot of things. I told myself if i made it in the NBA and stayed there for longer than a 10 day contract, I would write an autobiography and talk a lot about my faith. Society loves sports and society loves basketball and I think that would be a good way for me to reach out to people and to spread the word. I also know I want to do some type of ministry in urban communities and I think basketball is the perfect alley for that.”
Jeremy is a believer and makes no secret of giving the praise to the Lord for his ability and opportunity to shine.

Now we just need a unique, wholesome baseball star and we can have athletes almost worthy of a national obsession all year round.

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