Funny stories of a not so funny disease.

As I put out the call for folks to share some of their “out of their comfort zone” stories, I have heard from several folks with their amusing tidbits. There is 42 year old Beth who had been insisting for years that her blonde hair was indeed natural. After her chemo treatments and her pretty blonde hair grew back, she was pleased to prove her case!
By far the most hilarious story is from a local gal who endures the northern Illinois wind. It seems that she was getting out of her car in the church parking lot when a gust of wind took her wig and carried it into the hands of a gentleman getting out of his car also. She said that it went at him like a furry frisbee! His quick reflexes helped him out. Betty said that she bet catching the hairy thing wasn’t as awkward as handing it back to the horrified bald lady. She is still laughing!

And then there is this:

“I was reading a thread this morning and it reminded me of when I went roller skating with my kids.  I was totally bald and wore a scarf and hat.  One of the rules at the rink was “no head coverings of any sort”.  I talked to the manager.. a kid about 22, and asked him if I could wear my hat and he said yes but I had to fill out a form with my name, address and phone number (go figure), I’m a pretty good skater and was having a great time.. my scarf was flowing, I was skating backwards without falling and racing my kids.

An announcement was made:

“Please clear the skating floor.  We’d like to dedicate this next song to Mary Stevermer who is battling cancer.  Mary, if you would stand in the circle and skate.”  I protested, but the announcer (the 22 year old kid) was pretty positive and forceful so I played along.

The song was :”HAIR”.Surprised

I was there with members of my kids school.. so they all got on the rink when I signalled them.  It was an odd moment on my journey.


Thanks Mary!

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