So what is a biz spouse you ask?

Biz spouses come in all sizes and descriptions.  Actually a biz spouse doesn’t have to be a spouse at all, not in the sense of a marital partner.  Take, Adeleen for example.  I met her in the laundry room the other day.  She is staying in the hotel with her sister. Sister travels around the heartland to train franchisee employees on the operation of some of their equipment.  So Adeleen goes along for the ride and the company.  She does their laundry and takes care of the administrative end of their travels.  Sister takes the company car and leaves Adeleen to her own devices. It’s a good arrangement and they share lots of adventures.

Another biz spouse is my very macho friend whose name I won’t mention.  He travels around the country from the north to the south with his wife. She has a unique position of doing short term admin jobs for a large utility company. They have grown children in Florida and Pennsylvania so it has worked well for them to see their grandchildren. Mr. Biz Spouse has a glass of wine ready for his wife when she comes in from her labors, they talk about their day.  He does a lot of writing and reading and is quite a character himself. He stays busy meeting new people and finding ways to be a blessing to those “never a stranger” folks he meets.

What is YOUR biz spouse story? Please share and I will include yours in a future blog.

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