OMG I really need some new glasses.

I knew that it was harder to read the road signs. It was more evident, being out of town, since I NEEDED to read the signs to figure out where I was going. I knew also, that I was not always seeing the loose hair on the bathroom floor and crumbs on the counter tops.
When I saw on facebook that my niece was attending an online baby shower. I thought that was unusual and hadn’t heard of anyone skyping their baby shower. The final sign for me however, was when the recipe I was using to prepare dinner called for one package of small NOODIES. What???? Nudies????  Oh N O O D L E S.

Now I see that you can download an app that’s a reader on your phone.  You can use it instead of glasses….yeah sure. Now Brian did download a flashlight app, a blood pressure app and a level….all that is pretty high tech to me.  But glasses?  How does that work while you are driving?  Uh, it takes texting and driving to a whole new “level” now doesn’t it.

So I finally went to the mall, to a reputable optical company and made a new friend. Thanks Sandy for my great new specs and your encouragement. I had my friends on facebook vote for the best look and I’m even stylin’ with some Rx sunglasses!

So, I think I will stick with using my phone for a million other things but not for my driving eyes!

Here is the facebook voted choice for the new frames.

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