It’s A Wonderful Life

Being on the road for an extended time can be a wonderful life if you are with someone you really enjoy spending time with. However, your good habits can go down hill and your bad habits can really pick up speed.  There are a couple of reasons for this. One is that you probably have more free time on your hands. Face it, you love not having to vacuum, clean the pool or mow your grass.  You have someone at home taking care of your house. You are enjoying the hotel benefit of “free” housekeeping, sheet washing, toilet paper roll rehanging right?  So that leaves a lot more time for you to stay in bed, watch a ton of television and likely questionable shows that others’ in your family may not approve of, if they were with you.

Being lazy is probably a default characteristic of most of us.  I know there are some overachievers out there but they aren’t likely to be reading this blog because they don’t spend excessive amounts of time on the computer. They are out jogging their five miles before their 25 push ups then early to bed.  So back to being lazy,  a hotel room is just screaming for leisure due to the fact that the focal point of the room is A BED! and because all of your life a hotel room means VACATION! What do we do on vacation? We get lazy and we eat too much. So if knowledge is power, just knowing that you will have this tendency is a great way to guard against it. Set some goals, use a timer for being on the computer, set your alarm (for a bit later) even on weekends to keep you from letting the sedentary you creep in.

You want to be fit and healthy for your family when you get back home. So make a plan to swim some laps, get out and see the local sights, take up a new hobby, meet some local people and then stick to it! You want to have “A wonderful life” at home as well as on the road.

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