Embracing the challenges or I used to hate commercials

I knew that temporary hotel living was not going to be easy. We get soft with our lives and comforts. We like our recliner maybe with a built in vibrating back and cup holders or even a remote control gizmo. We have our dvr system worked out that automatically records our favorite shows so that not only do we not have to remember what day and time they are on, we don’t even have to remember to watch them. They get all stored for us until we notice them and THEN the bonus is that we don’t have to watch those blankety blank commercials.  Oh yeah I know it’s those annoying interruptions in our show that pays for the show in the first place but who cares about THAT? Just give me my favorite show at a convenient time with no loud obnoxious people yelling and I’m a happy camper.

Now let’s talk about vehicles. At home you would walk out to your garage, use your remote to open the door and off you go rain or shine into the great world awaiting. And if an unfortunate event occurs like a need for a little car repair, you still have your spouse’s vehicle to help you through those “tough” times. But if you are a thousand miles away from home with one vehicle and your spouse needs it to drive to work, ACKKKK the unthinkable happens! You are left carless. Hello mass transit!

So to embrace these challenges, I must remember the very up side to my new temporary lifestyle. I get to see a part of the country that I would have never seen on a one week vacation driving through the midwest. I get to meet great folks that I wouldn’t have met otherwise and get to develop relationships with relatives who were just a distant email or Christmas card before.

So give me those commercials, it gives me a chance to use the mute button and read an email, a chapter in my book or wash the dishes. It forces me to be more productive while watching TV because I can’t control the speed with which I watch that show.

As for transportation, well stay tuned for “Tales From the Bus” starting next week!

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