Standing on the Rock

Everything in Rockford, Illinois has something to do with a rock…there’s the Rock River, Rock Cut Park, Rock Valley College, Rockford College. Rock River Times.  Then up the road is Rockton and Roscoe (switch the S and C sounds and you have rock again).

There are also some noteworthy people from this rocky place. Jodi Benson from Toy Story 3 and the voice of the Little Mermaid is from Rockford. And how about Shawn Wade the bass player for the band, “12 Stones (little rocks).  There is also the well known author John Ortberg, and the female astronaut, Janice Voss, who left the solid rock of earth to go into space. There is Chad Knaus too, the crew chief for that NASCAR rock, Jimmie Johnson. I guess my personal favorite rock reference for the city though would be Rick Nielsen, the lead guitarist for the ROCK band Cheap Trick. So by now, even though there are more, you are likely weary of my rock references so I will move on.

I will move on to the main Rock. The true Rock that I stand on and that is Christ. I know that I couldn’t have gone through some of the events and challenges in my life if I had not had the Lord and His word to stand on and lean on in those tough times. Now traveling along the road and being away from the people, the town and buildings and streets that are familiar and comforting to me for an extended length of time, I rely on the comfort and strength that will never leave me.

I don’t know what lies ahead with our next work project, just as you don’t know what lies ahead with your life. Our circumstances can change in an instant. I literally rest at night assured that God is in my corner and He’s watching out for me. So whatever lies ahead in Rockford or wherever, I say “Rock On!”

4 thoughts on “Standing on the Rock

  1. Thank you for a very informative piece on “rock” I have been following your writings and found it so interesting you being our, my eyes and ears out there. I like your style and take on things. And then the reflection on your only biggest rock – Christ himself. I find myself relating to your statement as I personally have found fact in this statement, still every day is a challenge but returning to this one only fact is as standing on a rock. Being away from your loved ones, starting a new live being challenged with new love and relationships is all so humanly daunting, returning to the rock Christ in my live makes things less humpy.
    looking forward to where you take us, me next!

    Enjoy – life is just to short to miss out on ice cream, Sun sets, long beach walks, looking into your lovers eyes, reading long stories and sleeping in.

  2. I LOVE the way you think my friend! I simply do not know what folks do when life hurts, without the firm foundaton of faith in Christ.
    Thank you so much for sharing your journey,

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