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I have found it so interesting to watch the political process unfold in another state. Since I am traveling, I view local activities from a different vantage point than the natives. In this highly charged political atmosphere that we are in, just 55 days before the 2012 Presidential election emotions are running on all cylinders everywhere. It’s easy to get a little extra boisterous and defensive with opinions. Friends, family, neighbors and coworkers can sometimes become your temporary enemy (hopefully it is temporary). Adversaries appear out of nowhere or out of a side street, pulling out in front of you with the OTHER candidate’s bumper sticker. You have that moment of bad thoughts, forgetting that YOU are the bad guy to them.

I think it is encouraging to remember however that it is that very passion that makes America great. Nothing would get done if we all just languished around watching Swamp People and were all members of the same political party. Just like the proverbial butterfly struggling to get out of its cocoon, it is that very struggle that makes us strong. It’s a wonderful opportunity for all Americans to know, understand and be able to defend what it is that they believe.

God said in Revelation that He would rather that we were hot or cold but not lukewarm. I like passion in people. I get concerned that the younger generation really doesn’t care about the future, the huge national debt, nuclear arms and other “boring” stuff like that. I am happy to see that they DO care. After all, I do believe that most of us love our country and want the very best for everyone. We just disagree on how that can be accomplished.

So whether you are a liberal, conservative, a Taxed Enough Already or Libertarian. Be firm in your beliefs and be ready to defend them. Don’t just rely on a soundbite from your favorite night time talk show. Do a little research on your own. If you haven’t done your homework for THIS election, get started now for 2016. It will be here before you know it and your children will thank you for it.

God Bless America!

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