“Lady I just drive the truck”

Do you ever get excited about something and direct your anger, enthusiasm, angst, discouragement or frustration to the wrong recipient?

It’s like driving down the road and pulling up to a semi with a company name on the side (I saw this on a commercial) and you vent to the truck driver about the product inside…..he says “Lady, I just drive the truck.” He doesn’t care about your issues. All he is concerned about is getting his product to the finish line and picking up his paycheck.

I would say that most of us are feeling that way a bit about Washington and the quagmire of indecision and nonproductivity that seems to surround the site of our Federal business. We are all frustrated and yet it seems that no one that we talk to personally can change any of it. We’re all “just driving the truck” and yet we are all affected by the lower wages and higher gas totals at the pump.

I can hardly wait for November 7th to get here. The day AFTER the Presidential election, when we can all breathe a sigh of relief that the tumultuous season is finally behind us.  Hopefully whoever the “trucking company” will be next January, they will give us a better product than we have been having the last few years.

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