Women NEED stuff

I ran into a bizspouse couple today, moving out of the hotel. I commented to them that I hated to see them vacate because they were quiet and courteous with that door slamming issue. That’s my pet peeve you know.

They told me that they were traveling the country doing an employment adventure too. This would be great if “she didn’t have all this stuff!” declared the husband. He was huffing and sighing loudly as he struggled to put the last load onto the hotel luggage cart. Well, women need “stuff”! We need stuff to cook with, look pretty with and dress with of course. I could see why their dilemma was particularly annoying to him as I later observed  them piling all these items, plus their dog into a very small sedan. They were setting off from Illinois to Pennsylvania where he had secured a new position.

This scenario is not an uncommon one. Think about the epic film, The Titanic. At the beginning of the movie there is quite a lot of loading of ladies’ trunks and portable armoires of gowns and trinkets and all that other “stuff” that women needed then to look remarkable.  The typical western often showed the lovely damsel fanning herself while the stagecoach hand was wiping his brow with his grimy handkerchief, overcome with perspiration while struggling to get one more satchel atop the stagecoach.

I believe that women, since our cave woman days have probably always had more items to drag along on those across the desert or the ocean, mountain, you name it, expeditions. Men need to remember this important tidbit however.  What is it that men say when THEY need something? “Honey, where is the __________”.  Uh huh they expect us to have it of course, because then men need THEIR stuff!

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