Voting and Giving Blood

I think “doing the right thing” just feels good….like voting and giving blood and holding the door open for someone who is struggling to get through it or letting someone out in traffic who is hopelessly stuck. It just makes you feel good.

That’s how it should be in hotels too. You don’t know the person in the next room. You may not see them during your visit and will certainly never see them again. So what do you care if you let your door slam shut at 5:30 in the morning. If you wake them up, who cares…life is tough….

After spending more days this year in a hotel than at my home in Florida, I know firsthand just how annoying the door slamming oversight can be. But when you DO hold on to that door for two more seconds to keep it from slamming, when you DON’T bang dishes or suitcases into the wall late at night, you just might let someone sleep a few more minutes. That person may be nursing a dying child in a hospice home like our across the hall neighbor is sadly having to do. Your wall mate  may work the midnight shift and just got to sleep after a grueling night on the assembly line, making YOUR next vehicle. It only takes a few seconds to be thoughtful and make someone else’s hotel stay a bit more pleasant. After all they are paying for a night’s rest just like you. So go ahead and do the right thing without a needle prick or waiting in line at your local voting booth.