Those four little words he never wanted to say…..

“Her mother and I” …..I listened intently as my son’s father-in-law to be talked about how many years he thought about saying those words and how much he never wanted to say them.  In the end, however, we must let go of those precious gifts that we are given. We have been given stewardship of them only, not ownership as Mr. Dunn also knows. When you have three children but one daughter, it is likely even more difficult to give her over to another man to care for her and her future.

Having your children marry evokes so many emotions. You are hopefully happy, proud, melancholy, excited, anxious, grieving and usually stressed. You have out of town guests to see and enjoy and too many happy moments to take in when you would love to spread out all of that conversation and merry making over a longer stretch of time to fully embrace it all.

My son recently married a wonderful young woman whom I am proud to think of as another daughter. I’ve been praying for her since she was born even though I didn’t meet her until 19 years later. It was a great pay off though.

Now the bride’s father can say “My three sons” with a smile and that peace that comes with knowing that a wedding took place that was ordained by The Father of us all.