What do you mean, we’re staying?

Picture this. You leave your home and drive 1,000 miles across the country to do a 3-4 month work assignment. You leave in December and take all of the belongings you think you will need to have for that length of time.

Loaded up the car and headed west!

You include meds, kitchen items, favorite security blanket type trinkits, your technical equipment to sustain you for a few months away.

Then it happens! The work project goes longer, there were unforeseen delays, the management staff voted to keep YOU on and send the other extra personnel home. And here you are a really long way from home and the calendar has turned over too many pages and you need flip flops instead of snow shoes!!!  YIKES

Here are some remedies for that.  Even if you are sure that your project will end before bathing suit season, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. The Boy Scouts didn’t coin that phrase for nothing you know. Get a big box or two or three and pack that bathing suit, shorts, sandals, short sleeved dress shirts, summer p.js etc.  Pack them up without the address, unless you already have it available. Give the boxes to someone at home. Then in the unlikely event that you stay longer, that person can mail them to you. If you have limited space, you can mail back some of the winter clothes or donate them to a local charity or thrift store.

Now I sure wish I had thought of that BEFORE we left home. As the days grow warmer in northern Illinois I can say,  “Gee honey, I have nothing to wear!” and this time I really MEAN it!

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