I met another bizspouse today.

I couldn’t believe my eyes….a female in the fitness room. Since our hotel is made up of 95% men, it is rare to even see a female and in the six weeks I’ve been here, I’ve never seen one working out. I was so elated to have found a potential friend. I was like a third grade girl on the playground, spotting a may be pal and hoping to say the right words to extend a greeting.
It seems that Edith is here for a couple weeks to visit Archie who is working at the local Chrysler plant. I think many of the guys staying in this hotel work there too. I see a lot of hard hats, industrial clothing and greasy lunch boxes. Her husband is here to do training. She didn’t say what kind of training but likely something about quality control and ‘don’t put out lemons’ so Chrysler’s stock will go up.   I doubt that her last name is Bunker but I didn’t ask. I didn’t want to look like a stalker in my exuberance over meeting a fellow biz wife. I hope to run into her again.  I’ve got my tennis shoes on and guess where I’m headed?

2 thoughts on “I met another bizspouse today.

  1. Janet, You are so talented! I love your writing skills. You are accomplishing what I believe you’re trying to accomplish. I feel myself walking right along with you on your journey. Thanks for sharing.

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