My name is Janet and I’m a chipaholic

I remember now why it has been over a year since we have eaten in a Mexican Restaurant. We have no control. We had forgotten that. It was Cinco de Mayo you know? May 5th.  It seemed like the perfect time to try a Mexican restaurant in our temp city.

After all, it was my Weight Watchers leader who even suggested the restaurant in the first place. Since I’ve lost ten pounds now (not a true ten pounds mind you because that first weigh in included a hat, coat, gloves and shoes just to assure a little progress that first week on program) and am back to my goal, I felt empowered to go in there on the Mexican holiday to celebrate with the locals. I just bet that Carolyn doesn’t let them bring chips to her table.

It’s that chip basket that is the problem. I had silently promised myself that I would count out ten chips and when they were eaten, I was finished. I would then patiently wait for my modest combo to arrive. But did that happen? Oh no, my hubby and I ended up finger fighting over the last small crumb nestled in the bottom of the basket. At least we did resist the urge to nod approvingly as the fourth “attender” offered to refill it. Don’t they know how bad your night can be after you have filled up on just ONE chip basket  between two people AND your “modest” combo?

But the chips are so good. At home I eat unsalted pretzels or baked potato chips. I don’t have a greasy chip within a mile of my hotel room. Okay, unless you count the vending machine in the laundry room but that doesn’t tempt me. But put me in a restaurant with loud music, lots of happy people and a basket of hot chips and I’m a gonner.

So after a restless night of dreaming about striped blankets, big hats and Pepcid AC, I believe it will likely be another year before we attempt to eat Mexican food. We need to face facts, we are chipaholics and we now know it.

3 thoughts on “My name is Janet and I’m a chipaholic

      • Good morning, you are welcome Bizspouse! There will probably be many times that someone will like what they have read on your blog and decide to reblog it! 🙂

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